Season 5 of The Award Winning The SS Experience Premiers Tonight

Premier Week of Season 5 of The SS Experience kicks off today at 4pm EST/ 1PM PST. Shaheed is back giving you an Award-Winning Podcast that's projected to do better than last season. It is going to be hard to top guest like Roxy Reynolds, Erica Hubbard, Jacquees and Soulja Boy to name of few but The SS Experience is up for the challenge. This season the fans will get three episodes a week. Monday's Shaheed will do a solo episode ranting about things he finds interesting and things you might. Wednesday's the Podcast crew will be back featuring Entrepeneur and former radio personality DJ 3two1, Comedian and former radio morning show host Bootsy Vegas, social media star Takyla Woolard, and new to the main roster Sports Podcaster C-Dawg of the Carolina Boyz Sports Podcast. Friday's Shaheed will have a special guest joining the show. Make sure you listen to The SS Experience all season long on The SMG Podcast Network, Spotify and the iHeart Radio App.

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