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QUESTLOVE: Defends Sexyy Red Booking

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The Roots drummer has something to say to the critics of Sexyy Red performing at the Roots Picnic.Photo: Getty Images North America

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • People just like to complain sometimes.
  • I wonder how many of the folks hating in the comment section were even considering buying tickets. 
  • What a mature stance -- too bad the peanut gallery will likely still choose to be petty. 
  • Whatever happened to supporting and uplifting your favorite artists instead of tearing down the names you aren't feeling?
  • It isn't about her artistry -- it's about the vibe. 

Questlove has something to say about the backlash to one artist in particular announced for this year's Roots Picnic -- Sexyy Red.

After the lineup was announced on Tuesday, some folks criticized the inclusion of the St. Louis rapper, calling her a bad fit for the Philly fest. Folks posted to social media, asking if “this is where we are in hip-hop?” and claiming “There is nothing positive about her message.” Even actress and podcaster Amanda Seales said “Yikes.” 

Questlove has heard the criticism and responded, pulling up in the Instagram comments section. He wrote, “There is always that one act on the show everyone hates because it serves as a reminder the hip-hop THEY like is from 30 years ago… I mean I get it but look: we gotta round and balance the day out: there are other stages & podcasts and events to see. I’m still shocked yall got energy for ‘oh hell no isms’ like it’s 16 years folks -- when have you seen a festival in which EVERY ACT is the act you love?...

“I mean the way I see it: cats in here bringing a certain energy: meanwhile there is a whole entire Jill post & an Amerie post & a Black Thought post & a Meth & Red post & I see/hear nary a ‘I love real music’ person SUPPORTING that page. It’s almost worth it just for this engagement & trolling was the last thing on my mind lol Roots Picnic is well-rounded and that’s why it works.”

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