Need Great New Music? I Gotchu (June 8 Edition)

Paak is back.  His newest single 'Bubblin' envokes the same braggadocious, slick fusion of R&B and hip hop that we have missed during his nearly two year long hiatus.  As usual for an artist of his caliber, the visuals to this one add a whole new level of creativity and meaning to the track.

There's not much to say about this song, or the entirety of "Kids See Ghost," besides that this is exactly what most of us dreamed an album with these two could sound like.  This is why we fell in love with the music in the first place folks.  Enjoy and appreciate the incredible chemistry we always knew these two had play out beautifully in musical form.

If you aren't already hip to G.O.O.D Music's newest signee Valee, allow us to introduce you to one of the brightest young stars in hip hop.  Hailing from the Chi, and fresh off his debut project "GOOD Job, You Found Me," Valee's in-your-face, trunk rattling sound is especially present on his newest track with Jeremih, which is easily one of the most addictive bangers to come out in a minute.

One of the highlights of A$AP Rocky's dope new project "TESTING," this one features Frank Ocean bringing the bars, and as is the case whenever he does so, it's flames.

You should have already given the entirety of Pusha T's instant classic "DAYTONA" enough spins to begin memorizing it all the way through, but if it has somehow flown under your radar these are for you.  It's hard to choose any few favorites off of such a complete piece of work, but these are the ones I am choosing to use to prove my point about just how good this album is (pun intended).

In the last week, I have gone from not being hip to Tierra Whack to being absolutely positive she is destined for greatness and being blown away by the level of artistry, versatility, and straight bars that she has come out of the gates with.  Her debut project "Whack World," released as both a standalone album and as a mind bending visual experience, has already drawn universal praise from all corners of the hip hop world.  Don't be late to this bandwagon y'all.

From the incredibly talented 20 year old singer Jorja Smith comes this refreshing track off of her just-released debut project "Lost & Found." The level of soul, pain, and artistry she brings to the table is far beyond her years and this project further solidifies her as a young artist to keep an eye on.

For my fellow Chance stans, the CDQ of this one FINALLY surfacing after a year of bumping the audio rip version from his Instagram post featuring the song was a pleasant surprise.  The newly unearthed version features a verse from Chance's fellow Chicagoan King Louie as well, solidifying it as one of the songs of the summer, especially for those of us from the city.

I could justifiably post the entirety of Janelle Monáe's immaculate new album "Dirty Computer" on a list of music you need to listen to if you have not yet, but this incredibly versatile track will do more convincing than I can.  As has become the norm with possibly the most progressive artist around right now, Janelle weaves seamlessly between sounds while somehow invoking feelings of summer relaxation and determined rebellion from the system simultaneously.

In case you haven't heard the news, Wayne is back to spittin.  For real this time.  This, combined with Wayne FINALLY being freed from his Cash Money contract, sets the stage for what would be one of the most anticipated albums of all time in "Tha Carter V" possibly being on the horizon.  If his most recent offering is any indication of what that project could bring, we could be in for a huge bounce back for one of the most influential rappers of all time.

I knew Bobby Sessions was special when I was introduced to his music through his crowd captivating performance at South By Southwest back in March.  Bobby clawed his way to this position after quitting his job with $50 in his account while he was sleeping in his car and turned signing to Def Jam from a dream written on a white board to a reality. His newest track, which highlights how deeply rooted racial inequality is in our country, and the accompanying visuals fully support my belief that Def Jam's newest star is going to shake the game up.  

Another one of rap's next generation of superstars that you may or may not already be familiar with, Saba has grown from being best known for his hook on Chance The Rapper's "Angels" to being seen among many circles as one of the most innovative, important artists to come out of Chicago in some time.  From his poetically crafted "Bucket List Project" to his newest offering "Care For Me," Saba has shown an incredibly gifted ability to communicate his feelings and mental state through his music, and nowhere does it show more than on his pain filled verses on "LIFE." 

When mentioning all of the young talent that is emerging throughout the industry, it is impossible to forget to mention Shady Records' rising star Boogie.  He put himself on the map in a big way with his hit "Oh My" and has only gained steam since.  "Self Destruction" sees him continuing to establish a sound that will have his music rattling trunks this summer, and many summers after.

Out of the 3 Kanye produced offerings so far, I stand by my assertion that "Ye" is by far the weakest, and would even argue that it is flat out not good considering the standards I hold Kanye too as a day 1 fan.  That is a debate for another day, but I will say that "Ghost Town" for me was a saving grace to an otherwise underwhelming effort compared to what Kanye is capable of.  Kanye and Cudi display the undeniable artistic symbiosis that occurs when they work together (that is on full display on "Kids See Ghost") but 070 Shake's outro on this one will stay with me for a long time.  For so many reasons, "We're still the kids we used to be" pulls the heartstrings of the nostalgia that many of us who grew up on these artists feel in today's world.

That does it for this edition!  I hope you took away some new songs and artists to give you your musical fix!  Stay tuned for more music highlights, as well as other dope content, from Blake's Takes!

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