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Astro Update May 8th-14: It's Cliché but Be Yourself

I loathe cliché phrases! In fact, I put them in what I call the "Live Laugh Love" box and bury them in a shallow grave. The thing is cliché's have a purpose and this week will prove that!

May 9th, 2023 – Sun Conjunct Uranus

The Sun is our identity, and Uranus is the planet of freedom and liberation. 

You the saying be yourself and all the cute proverbs that stem from it? Well this alignment will show you who you are so you can be yourself. The next level up needs you with all your layers sooooo you may as well build that character.

Be mindful and accountable for everything you do. Now is not the time be reckless and burn bridges. I know we live in a world where we cut people off that don't serve us but some of us don't know ourselves well enough to recognize what serves us.


You’re disconnected Taurus. Jupiter enters your sign next week and the road could open to so many opportunities but being jaded will cause you not to see them. You have this stagnant mentality that will only let you see things the way you planned them. Things don’t go according to plan, be ok with that. That doesn’t mean you didn’t still end up with a beautiful conclusion. Here’s your time to expand, have a ABC goal.


You have everything you need to change your life you just haven’t yet. I’m willing to bet you’re living up to your lowest potential because you’re afraid to be seen trying and possibly fall. With that approach your dream will remain just that, dreams. You have to put something in motion. Everything won’t work out but so much will and all of it is worthy of risk.


The full moon in Scorpio may have ended some relationships for you. This is the circle of life, transitions happens to make way. It’s not always pretty, you may be experiencing grief and wondering if you did enough could you change it, should you change it. The answer is no. That’s not your life anymore, your belief anymore, your space anymore. You can move on now, there is so much waiting on you.


It takes courage and maybe a little delusion to jump into action and Leo you’re know for being pretty confident and jumping into your desires, but something put out the fire. You’re less likely to take the risk for what you want. When did you get so overly cautious? Were you hurt falling and just decided to never try again so you’d never have to experience healing again. It wasn’t the pain that scared you, it was the process after that altered everything. Sit with those feelings, let them teach you something.


You keep trying to build on a foundation that had crumbled. Until you learn to embrace your new path things will keep falling apart. There is a message in your past, a brief one. It shows you how you handled change before, either it was in alignment or it was messy. Both can tell you how to approach this new path but they can not spell out the outcome, you’re in control of that part.


You have gotten so ridged in your quest for happiness you can’t be happy. This quest is flexible there’s no one way to be yet you keep trying to force it in a direction because you believe only with this or this person can you find happiness. Joy is what you are really searching for, it’s less fickle and doesn’t need a reason to exists.


You have arrived at the finish line, you got everything you worked for, but you feel overwhelmed with the victory. There’s a chance you burned yourself out on the way and now you can only see responsibilities not opportunities. Don’t stop yourself from asking for assistance, know your talents and when to call in someone who can do it better or at the least take the weight off of you. Not everything needs to happen now, you have time and space but you’re going to need to be creative with that time. Less 9-5 more the time that fits until whenever.

Sagittarius: Five of Wands Reversed

Conflict resolution is the name of this weeks lesson. You wont understand avoiding topics or projecting anger. The truth is you have a lack of understanding that’s causing a conflict in your world. Go find the answer and your fears will be confirmed, you didn’t have solid information. You can’t get where you’re going if you don’t tell the GPS where you are.


You’re a natural leader but that doesn’t mean you’ve been a good leader. Can you be taught? If new information is presented will you be able to pivot and more the group your leading in the right direction or will pride and tradition make you stick it out in a stagnant situation. Teachers give the lesson and let their student shine even when the student outshines the master.


You are also a leader but in a very different way. You’re ushering in a brand new way of thinking and being just by being you. You make space for people to be innovative because you are innovative. Don’t dim your light for anything or anyone! Opportunities will be unlocked when you fully dive into who you are and what you have to offer.


This is time for equal partnership. Don’t take more than you give and don’t gibe more than you take. Each of you have strengths that balance the relationship and just because tradition says it should be divided this way create your own way.


You can finally relax and enjoy all you have worked for. Now is the time of maintenance, there will be time to work again but for now enjoy and reflect. You’ve done so much work to arrive here don’t be so quick to leave the celebration in pursuit of what’s next on your to do list.

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