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Astro Update April 17: Taurus Season, Mercury Retrograde, and a New Moon

How do your feelings shape your reality? Does fear make things seem big and scary when, while true there may be need for alarm is it really as impossible as you make it seem.

How do your feelings shape your reality? Does fear make things seem big and scary when, while true there may be need for alarm is it really as impossible as you make it seem. How do your feelings shape your reality? Does fear make things seem big and scary when, while true there may be need for alarm is it really as impossible as you make it seem?

If you're honest "positive vibes only" has never really helped you remain positive. Time to stop the delusion and be honest about where you are right now so you can get where you want to be.

April 20th, 2023 – New Moon Eclipse In Aries

We have a New Moon and Total (Annular) Solar Eclipse in Aries. The first New moon in Aries gave us our first opportunity to make changes for the life we know we really want. Here’s the second big push!

This moon is going to square with Pluto in Aquarius really making us drop the lies and live in our honesty.

April 20th, 2023 – Sun Enters Taurus

The Sun enters Taurus. While you celebrate your favorite Taurus (if that’s me I like chipotle, wine, and cashmere blankets) remember tis the season of putting an action plan behind those big moves. You want to create stability so that all the progress you made in Aries season continues during Taurus season.

April 21st, 2023 – Mercury Goes Retrograde

Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus.

Mercury is almost conjunct Uranus at and just like Mercury we’re almost ready for the biggest changes. I mean we’ve had the hint and seen subtle shifts but not just yet. Mark my words by June the hints are done and you’ll know exactly what’s next. God speed love!


You’re the holder of Mercury this retrograde. This year is big for you but it’s not going to come easy. There are things you’ve become addicted to and you’ll sacrifice everything to have this! It could be one hyper focus or it could be multiple. Don’t sell your spirit to gain these things. Your spiritual growth will attract the money, the lover, the job but you can’t lose your heart in these things. It’s time to be honest about why you want them. Will it feed your underdeveloped ego? How long until that’s not enough.


Gemini is a mercury ruled sign with the gift of gab but what’s not being said is the problem. Just because you have an understanding doesn’t mean everybody involved does. If it doesn’t make sense keep searching for the answer, don’t let habit hinder you from finding a solution to a constant question.


It’s been a rough ride and while the war is over the clean up is messy. There’s so much wreckage you almost found fighting for your life easier than the repair stage. Let your emotions happen, when you're mad be mad get to know that side of you be it’s friend. When your heart is sad do the same. Every emotion has a lesson about your experience.


This is where it all ends. The big moment where you see all the fruit of your labor come together. Don’t be confused that grief and celebration live in this moment. You got use to the journey and now you have to change your habits. So remember to celebrate and appreciate before you start preparing for what’s next.


The number of balance and duality is revered so things are out of balance. You said yes to everything but only have the capacity for something. I know all the options look good but they don’t have to happen all at once, it’s time to prioritize. What are you neglecting for material gain that could easily coexist with your journey?


Human connection is a really big deal to you! Right now, you’re feeling very disconnected and choosing to be alone. Why are you not feeling fulfilled with the people you allow in your life? Could you put in more effort or are you the only one trying. Is there room for freedom here or is there only space to walk on eggshells.


Can you tell he difference between what you can control and what you have to flow with. Change gets more painful with you won’t decipher. At any point you can change the loop but the change is going to depend on release and control and where to apply each.


Overthinking has been getting in your way. You’re too obsessed with how the journey goes so it can reflect the before and after. The finish line is the finish line so move in that direction. Let adventure happen. Be flexible in pursuit of what you desire


You made rules that have gotten you this far but they will keep you right here if you don’t learn to loosen your grip. It’s not just about getting there, you want to experience the race not just finish it.


Live in the moment. Happiness is just as fleeting as other emotions. You get to catch your breath and celebrate. If you could have anything in this world what would you ask for? What would you go get. Life is offering so many gifts and you should embrace them.


Everything you think doesn’t need to be heard especially in a tense situation. Just because it’s your truth doesn’t mean it’s universal. There could also be some projecting going on. Can you be honest about being jealous? Not being able to celebrate other people because you’re lackin?


You gave everything and got nothing back. It’s not because you have such a big heart, it’s because you have no boundaries. Until you decide to stop pleasing people so they’ll choose you, you’ll always walk away empty. Giving when you ain’t got you’re going to piss yourself off and act like the taker is the problem.


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