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Astrology Quickies for August 22-26

This week we have the Sun moving into Virgo, that makes it Virgo season. Virgos are our favorite hard working earth signs that maybe guilty of unhealthy perfection. Mercury also moves into Libra ahead of a September retrograde. This week we'll start seeing the effects of Mercury Retrograde known as the shadows. The shadows can be more of a strain than the actual retrograde, they tend to last about two weeks. No need to worry just get prepared. Listen to this weeks episode of Astrology and Chill.

If you're stressed for time here's a Astrology Quick Fix


Leo- partnership aint always easy but it’s always worth it

Virgo- if you’ve been looking for a vacation, it’s coming

Libra- ok so you have the right answer, you don’t have to always be righteous sometimes be human

Scorpio- that connection isn’t what you think it is, move on

Sagittarius- today will be chaotic but it’s temporary

Capricorn- don’t give into peer pressure, go your own way

Aquarius- when it gets too difficult rely on your sense of humour

Pisces- not knowing all the details is not a good reason to not keep moving

Aries- don’t lose sight of your goal

Taurus- the truth has become obvious, the secret isn’t a secret anymore

Gemini- you are well protected

Cancer- the bigger the risk, the better the pay off


Virgo- they can’t read minds, talk to them

Libra- normally you disagree but today they see it your way

Scorpio- nurture your ego if you want it to mature

Sagittarius- your opinions are valid even if everyone doesn’t agree

Capricorn- go outside at some point today. Nature will recharge you.

Aquarius- your judgement may not be accurate but that will pass

Pisces- choose family today over work

Aries- suddenly everything is exciting

Taurus- show some grace to people you encounter in a bad mood

Gemini- it feels so good to be seen and heard

Cancer- today is giving swiper no swipping! Respect your budget

Leo- you don’t have to unpack the trauma today


Virgo- coming off a tough season this easy season is well deserved

Libra- if you need to give out some bad news be sure it’s a comfortable atmosphere

Scorpio- everything will be fine if you take your time

Sagittarius- you’re not in the mood for cheer and that’s why they seem annyoing

Capricorn- team work can help you get a lot of things done

Aquarius- if the situation makes you nervous try to stay grounded

Pisces- your friend doesn’t need you to fix it, they need space

Aries- you’re starting to see the healthy change

Taurus- if you’ve been struggling with a plan ask for help

Gemini- if you’re looking for a space where you’re accepted turn to your family

Cancer- there is a lot happening but you have the time to clear that to do list

Leo- be mindful of your money, some risk just aren’t worth it


Virgo- today you’ll find people who are capable of deep and meaningful connections

Libra- don’t get stuck in a rut, find yourself some comfort

Scorpio- someone will confide in you but what you find out will not shock you

Sagittarius- you can create an atmosphere of authority pretty easy today

Capricorn- create a personal relationship with those in authority

Aquarius- you might have to work alone today if you want to get things done

Pisces- be analytical with business but use your heart for romance

Aries- when making decisions that affect other people remember to choose respectfully.

Taurus- it can’t all be fun and games. Do the work and get the rewards

Gemini- today has a lot of excitement for you

Cancer- intentionally build you network, it’s not thirsty

Leo- taking action should be taken seriously


Virgo- is it time to take the L and move on or do you want to fight for the relationship

Libra- you’re more concerned with good conversation than anything else

Scorpio- don’t be afraid to embrace your doubt. Get an understanding on why you don’t believe

Sagittarius- if today starts to get rough just remember it’s temporary

Capricorn- stop making excuse and start making a plan

Aquarius- the advice you give will be taken very seriously so give it seriously

Pisces- chill on the feedback, being too critical will get you in trouble

Aries- use your charm, you don’t need man power.

Taurus- Confusion happens; just make sure you double check everything

Gemini- work on balance, two things can happen at one time

Cancer- today will be it’s own little gift

Leo- the cure to any moody moment is alone time

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