Diomara Talks Shooting Your Shot Over Email & New Project "Alchemy"


Fresh off the release of her new project "Alchemy", singer Diomara stopped by On The Radar to talk about the 5-year journey that led to the creation of this amazing project. The singer/songwriter has been on quite speaking on this journey and her growth she had this to say, "For me over the span of 5 years, what I am now is not what I was 5 years ago, so this process is basically me alchemizing my life to get to this point."

Diomara also spoke about various situations within her life that led to some of the breakout tracks on the project. One story that stood out the most was a 4 year situationship that she had found herself in, which is something we all can relate to going through to some extent. She goes on to speak about the ups and downs of relationships as well as the one time she shot her shot over email.

Check out the full Interview above!

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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