Apps For Black People Created By Black People.

We are celebrating all things Black History this month! I have 6 black innovators who have designed apps to better the lives of people of color! Check them out below:

We Read Too . Created by Kaya Thomas . This free mobile app was designed to inspire and encourage black readers to read compositions from black authors. The app allows users to search for their favorite books by genre, title, or author. It also gives you the ability to share your favorite books or request them to be featured in the app.

Scholly . Created by Jesse Williams . The app was created to give black students or otherwise, access to over 80 million dollars in scholarships.

Jesse says: " There are a lot of ways to push us out of education and money is a big part of that and we don’t have the generational wealth that many others do so, Chris Gray created this incredible product and I just threw my entire weight behind him backing the product."

Alchomy . Created by Amanda Spann and Sheena Allen . This app was created for those of you who love alcohol. The app curates your personal tastes by location and it gives users over 16,000 drink recipes as well.

Iman Cosmetics - Created by Iman . Model Iman created this app in order to help women of color find their perfect makeup shades. The app also allows users to upload a picture of themselves and get customized products to match their skin and personal style.

HBCU Buddy . Created by Jonecia Keels and Jazmine Miller . This app was created to give current and perspective students all the information they need on historically black colleges. The app also gives virtual tours of black campuses for students who are interested.

HopStop . Created by Chinedu Echeruo . This app gives people who live in metropolitan areas easy information on public transit. It allows users access to easy to read directions for public transportation, taxies, or walking destinations.

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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