Gerald & Isiah Kelly Challenge Wayans To Comedy Battle Show-Off


Comedian Gerald Kelly pulled up to The Angie Martinez show today with his older son Isiah promoting their show at the Symphony Space Theater tomorrow in NYC. Being on tour with his two sons Isiah (27) & Joshua (12), Angie had to know who the funniest in the family was. With Isiah responding saying it was him, Gerald begged to differ with Isiah clapping back saying his father got cute lil jokes but people are tired of seeing him. 

Speaking on what keeps him motivated to keep doing comedy he cited that the times we currently live in with Donald Trump as the president laughter is definitely needed to keep our spirits up. He also cited his fellow comedians in the game keep him on his toes saying: “I have coworkers making millions of dollars telling jokes. I just did some stuff with Kevin Hart ‘LOL network’. 

Gerald also spoke on how although the general population may think that because comedians do what they do that they must be happy all the time but in reality that isn't the truth saying: "All comedians are really sad inside. We go through so much trying to get to a certain level that people don't see. All those shows are is like a natural high. The fight to the top is hard and there is so much BS that happens in between. There's a lot of no’s and “you not ready yet’s but you can't stop.". 

Check out the full Interview above!

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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