Lil Yachty Talks How High 2, Girls In His DM's, People Hating on Him + More


 The self-proclaimed "King of The Youth" Lil Yachty himself pulled up to the Angie Martinez show this week to talk about his new project "Nuthin 2 Prove", his upcoming film with MTV "How High 2", the girls who ARE NOT in his DM's + more! 

Starting off the Interview Angie showed Lil Yachty a clip of KYLE doing his best Lil Yachty impression on the show a few months ago. At first, the young rapper didn't think that Kyle didn't sound like him but eventually realized that the impersonation was actually very good. 

Not long ago it was revealed that he would star in a sequel to Redman & Method Man's "How High". However, the controversy surrounding the film was that it would not include the original actors but instead would be moving forward with Yachty and D.C. Young Fly in the leading roles. This being Yachty's first acting gig he spoke on the experience admitting that he hasn't smoked in years saying, “it was different than what I normally do, it was my first time smoking in 6 years, I didn’t have to but I didn’t want to play a part that I didn’t know how to play”. Saying acting is something he want's to continue doing hoping to one day play a gangsta in a movie. 

Lil Yachty then went on to talk about the girls that he dates but refusing to reveal if he searches his DM's to find love, but Yachty also said that he loves all type of woman. 

Check out Lil Yachty's full Interview on The Angie Martinez Show Above. 

Angie Martinez

Angie Martinez

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