Young Thug Appears In Court For Opening Statements On Day One Of YSL Trial

Young Thug

Photo: YouTube

Young Thug is finally having his day in court a year and a half after he was arrested on a slew of charges.

On Monday morning, November 27, the beleaguered rapper and six of his co-defendants appeared at the Fulton County courthouse for the first day of YSL's racketeering trial after it took months to secure a jury. The trial got off to a rocky start after Judge Ural Glanville went into recess shortly after the proceedings began. According to The Independent, one juror couldn't be located and delayed the trail by an hour and a half. The trial eventually began, but was stalled again during the prosecution's opening statements.

District Attorney Adriane Love began her opening statements by quoting Rudyard Kipling's The Jungle Book, and described how Thug's R.O.C. Crew evolved into Young Slime Life. Midway through the prosecution's opening statements to the jury, District Attorney Adriane Love presented slides that weren't previously shared with the defense. Thugger's attorney Brian Steel brought up the issue and motioned for a mistrial due to Love's alleged misconduct. Love claimed it was an “inadvertent omission."

Judge Glanville ended up denying the motion but ordered a curative instruction instead. Defense attorneys for the other co-defendants also objected to Love's slides due to alleged mistakes about their clients. The judge ordered Love to fix the errors or he'll rule out the presentation completely.

Young Thug is currently facing eight of the 65 counts he and his crew were initially hit with last May. He's pleaded not guilty to all charges. Watch the first part of the opening statements below as well as the full list of charges Young Thug is facing below.

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