Ohio Restaurant Named The Best Cafeteria In The State

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A nice outing to a sit-down restaurant where everyone in your party each orders their own meal is a great time, but sometimes you just crave the comfort that comes with lining up at a cafeteria counter while servers dish out helpings of classics like mashed potatoes, meatloaf and veggies before heading to a table to chat with friends.

Mashed searched around the U.S. for the restaurants serving up the best cafeteria-style meals, compiling a list of the best spot in each state. According to the site:

"There is nostalgia and simplicity to dining in a cafeteria, and the fact that they are not so easy to track down these days makes it all the more poignant. ... There are plenty of new riffs on the counter-service concept where the atmosphere and menu feel original and modern — some with food you've never tried before."

Mehlman Cafeteria in eastern Ohio nabbed the title of the best cafeteria in the Buckeye State. Serving the Ohio Valley since 1961, Mehlman has menus that change daily as well as items that are served every day, including hot meatloaf sandwich, baked ham, fried shrimp, apple dumplings and more.

Mehlman's Cafeteria is located at 51800 National Road E. in St. Clairsville.

Here's what the site had to say:

"Ohio's Melman Cafeteria brings a taste of wholesome country fare to the small city of St. Clairsville where it has reached near-landmark status. The patterned wallpaper in the accent-lit dining room gives it an old-school look, and the low prices of cafeteria items also harken back to an earlier time. Mehlman Cafeteria makes no bones about serving classics (cole slaw and tapioca pudding are present) on the steam table line. Diners seeking comfort food will enjoy the fried chicken and sides."

Check out the full list at Mashed to see more of the best cafeterias around the country.

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