Check Your Tickets — Lucky Powerball Ticket Sold In Ohio Scores $1 Million

Photo: Getty Images

If you purchased a Powerball ticket for Wednesday (May 31) night's drawing, you need to check your ticket as soon as possible because you just may be a millionaire! While no one won the jackpot during Wednesday's Powerball drawing, some lucky players in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and California matched enough to win $1 million prizes, according to Fox 19.

Lottery officials in Ohio are searching for the person who purchased a Powerball ticket from the Kroger #881 in New Albany using the auto-pick feature for the Wednesday, May 31, 2023, drawing, according to a release from the Ohio Lottery. The ticket matched five of the five numbers drawn, but not the Powerball, to win a million dollar prize.

Check the numbers from the May 31 drawing to see if your ticket is one of the lucky few to score $1 million:

Numbers: 2 - 4 - 54 - 61 - 62

Powerball: 14

Power Play: 3x

The jackpot during Wednesday's Powerball drawing was $241 million, but it has now increased to $262 million with a cash value of $133 million ahead of Saturday's (June 3) drawing after zero players managed to match all six numbers called. The Powerball jackpot reset in April after a lucky player in Ohio scored the $253 million prize.

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