Chihuahua Mix From Ohio Named World's Oldest Living Dog

Chihuahua wearing reading glasses

Photo: Getty Images

The world's oldest living dog is right here in Ohio, according to the Guinness World Records.

Spike, a Chihuahua mix, turned 23 years and 43 days old on December 7. He is approximately 9-inches tall and 12.9 pounds. "Most of our family knew that Spike was old but didn’t know he had a shot at being the oldest in the world," his owner, Rita Kimball, said. "Now that he is a record holder, they see him as a celebrity."

Kimball found Spike in a parking lot of a Camden grocery story over 13 years ago. He was believed to be 10 years old at the time. "He had been shaved up his back, had blood stains around his neck from a chain or rope, and looked pretty rough," Kimball told GWR. "The clerk in the grocery told us he had been there for three days, and they were feeding him scraps."

Kimball decided to give him a home on her small farm. She believes the reason Spike has lived so long is because of his "solid routine," a healthy diet —minus the occasional cheese and Doritos indulgence— room to roam, daily exercise, and unlimited love and attention. "He is friendly but since he’s almost blind and hard of hearing, he gets testy at times and just wants to be left alone," she said.

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