New Documentary Breaks Down Fierce Rivalry Between Ohio State And Michigan

Ohio State v Michigan

Photo: Getty Images

Sure, there are plenty of rivalries in college football —But there is no rivalry as iconic as the one between Ohio State and Michigan. A new documentary highlights the fierce, decades-long rivalry between the two football teams.

The new film is called Rivals. It focuses on the iconic competitiveness between Ohio State and Michigan football, which dates all the way back to 1897. Now-a-days, the teams have evolved into two of the most constantly successful football programs.

Rivals features multiple interviews, including from Michigan historian John Bacon and Ohio State historian Jack Park, to add context to the contention. It was directed by Peter Karl and narrated by J.K. Simmons.

"One thing they hit on very well in this - Dan Dierdorf nailed it, and I think Archie Griffin did, too: Respect," Bacon told of the documentary. "The fans are sometimes a little crazy, but on the field there’s not that much trash talking."

Rivals is scheduled to air on the Big Ten Network after this years's Ohio State vs. Michigan game on Saturday, November 26. Michigan is scheduled to play at Ohio State that day at noon. "If you’re not watching, you’re not a football fan," Bacon said.

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