Three 6 Mafia & Bone Thugs Nearly Come To Blows In Historic VERZUZ Showdown

Photo: Getty Images

Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony may go down as having one of the most high-octane showdowns in Verzuz history. The historical battle took place on Thursday at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, California, and was hosted by Fat Joe, who flipped a coin to determine who would go first. But as Three 6 kicked off the show with their 2000 classic hit “Who Run It,” both sides began to hurl insults at the other. Bone went on to perform “Buddah Lovaz", but shortly after the song wrapped, Bizzy Bone called Three 6 Mafia out for disrespecting him during his verse.

“Hey yo hey yo before we even get started, you ugly m******s ain’t finna to be mocking me while I’m on m******’ stage. OK? Straight the f–k up.”

After Juicy J responded, telling Bizzy to "suck my *****”, things began to escalate. A member of Bone Thugs camp threw a water bottle at the Memphis legends, punches were thrown, and both groups nearly came to blows.

After security stepped in and halted the altercation, Bizzy Bone returned to the stage to apologize to Juicy J and the audience for igniting the disruption. He told the crowd:

“I wanna apologize to everybody the **** out there — on both sides. I’m not trying to **** his **** up. Pardon me. Let’s keep the muthaf–kin’ party going.”

Aside from the altercation, seemed to enjoy watching the Midwest and Dirty South go head to head.

The star studded event included guest appearances by Lil Wayne, Lil Flip, Young Buck, Chamillionaire and Lil Jon. Check out the full performance below.

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