Future Sued By Daughter's Mother For Making Threats, Defamation & More

Eliza Reign, the mother of Future's 1-year-old daughter Reign, is accusing the "Life Is Good" rapper of defamation, making threats against her, and never meeting his child.

According to court documents, obtained by The Blast, Eliza recently filed a countersuit against Future in federal court.

As fans know, Future is accusing Eliza of defamation, ruining his reputation, and harassing him with daily phone calls after she got pregnant. While he admitted to having a sexual relationship with Eliza from 2016 to 2018, he filed an injunction, which has since been denied by a judge, to prohibit Eliza from speaking about him publicly.

In Eliza's newly filed countersuit, she noted that she has no “privacy agreement” with Future and is allowed to speak freely.

“For over a year, the Plaintiff herein has refused to acknowledge his paternity of the parties’ minor child, has never paid a penny in support for the minor child, and in fact is never even met the minor child," she claimed in the legal documents, per The Blast. "Moreover, the Plaintiff has violated numerous orders of the court in the underlying paternity case pertaining to both DNA testing and discovery, and continues to stall and delay those matters, and use his other related proceedings (the preceding herein and his similarly frivolous domestic violence proceedings) to attempt to exert pressure upon the Defendant to dismiss or unfavorably resolve the paternity matter.”

Eliza also claimed that Future has made a number of false allegations against her, including "saying she sleeps around for financial gain, has a mental health disorder and calling her a 'hoe' after he claimed she 'stole my last name,'" TMZ reports.

According to the legal docs, obtained by the outlet, Eliza said Future sent her a text saying "let your lawyers speak for u at this point! u bogus, stole my last name now u want to b relevant jus fall back off the net trying to prove a point." As well as: "TMZ this bitch stole my last name I think that's what i heard! I will never respect a clout chasing bitch NEVERRRRRRR FOH."

She additionally claimed that Future made various threats — even allegedly threatening to have her killed — while she was pregnant "in an attempt to coerce her to terminate her pregnancy," TMZ reports.

In her countersuit, Eliza is suing the "Mask Off" rapper for libel, slander and emotional distress.

Photo: Getty Images