Missy Elliott Was In The Hospital Before VMAs, Confirms New Lizzo Collab

This year alone Missy Elliott has been inducted into the songwriters Hall of Fame, received an Honorary doctorates degree from the Berklee College Of Music, and of course just received the 2019 MTV Video Vanguard Award, following what many are calling an ICONIC performance!

Stopping by The Angie Martinez show today Missy Elliott opened up about the VMAs revealing that she was actually sick the entire time and at one point was afraid she might have to cancel the performance. The "Work It" rapper was apparently in the hospital days before the award show where they gave her medicine that would help her get through the rehearsals and through the show. After performing though Missy said that she didn't even get to see herself until eventually going to the Hospital again the day after the show where they were running it back on TV.

For the first time in 14 years Missy Elliott released her new project, "Iconology - EP". When asked by Angie why wait all this time Missy's response was this, “When I hear it (14 years) it don’t feel like its been that long, but I tell people it's not easy for what i've done, i've done stuff for myself, but I was also doing stuff for other artists, my brain became frazzled, it was like a computer and it needed a reset”. The MC goes on to say that if other artists can wait a long time to drop music so can she, "I had to tell myself, you always been 10 years ahead, it cant be that hard”.

While many fans were Happy with the new EP, many other were left with another question "Where is the album". Rest assured Missy does say she has something bigger coming (Including a Lizzo collab) but doesn't want to give a release date for the project just yet because she says that fans are ruthless and if you don't drop something on the date you said you would, they will eat you alive.

Check out Missy's full Interview on The Angie Martinez show below...



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