Justin Bieber, Miguel, La La & More Demand ASAP Rocky's Release From Prison

A$AP Rocky's celeb friends are fighting for his freedom!

While the 30-year-old rapper remains behind bars in Stockholm, Sweden, celebrities from far and wide have started to share a petition for #JusticeForRocky. The petition, which began circulating online Tuesday (July 9), asks for those to "stand with Rocky and request his immediate release from Swedish officials." It has already received nearly 400,000 signatures, just 100,000 away from its goal of 500,000.

As previously reported, the "Pups" rapper was taken into police custody in Stockholm for his involvement in a street fight nearly two weeks ago. He is reportedly being held in the facility for two weeks "while prosecutors decide whether to charge him for aggravated assault."

The petition states that Rocky, who is now facing up to six years behind bars if convicted, his bodyguard, and two performers from his show "acted in self-defense after two men followed, harassed and physically assaulted them in Stockholm." Adding, "On Tuesday, July 2nd, Rocky volunteered to go to police headquarters after his performance for questioning about this incident. Rocky and his colleagues were arrested on-site."

As noted in the petition, the fight was caught on camera. While it showed that Rocky and his crew were not the aggressors in the situation it also showed Rocky and his entourage tossing a guy and punching him at one point. Witnesses initially told TMZ, "the fight started because a man was hounding A$AP and his team over a pair of headphones he claimed they had broken." However, the "Praise the Lord" rapper later posted a nearly three-minute long video on Instagram showing that the aggressor was actually the man who'd broken his headphones and smashed them on the head of his bodyguard. Even after that, Rocky is shown on camera playing peacemaker, trying to deescalate the situation. The fight reportedly erupted several minutes later when the man continued to hound Rocky and his crew, and after a woman claimed the man had groped her.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that the Swedish jail where Rocky is being held has "shocking inhumane conditions." According to the site, Rocky is sleeping on a yoga mat with no blankets in a facility that is filthy and "disease ridden." Furthermore, insiders claim there is a prisoner in the cell next to Rocky's who has "severe mental issues who slams his head against the concrete wall and hurls feces every which way." (The feces is reportedly not cleaned up.) The source added, the water "is not clean and the food is not edible. For the first five days, A$AP ate an apple a day, and that's it."

The entertainment site also alleged that Swedish officials have made it quite difficult for Rocky to communicate with the U.S. Consulate about his detainment, despite that being his legal right. The petition reiterated this claim. "Upon being detained, Rocky was denied his request to counsel which is in violation of Article 36 of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, to which Sweden is a signatory." The petition added, "On Monday, July 8th, we filed an appeal with the Swedish Supreme Court to have Rocky released from the inhumane conditions and the clear violation of human rights. They rejected the filing, which means Rocky will remain in prison for two weeks [...] The prosecutor on the case has further communicated that he is working to receive an additional two-week extension for a trial to begin in mid - to end of August. To keep Rocky and his colleagues in jail pending the lengthy trial proceedings is a punishment before the fact, with no due process."

To join the #JusticeForRocky movement click HERE. And check the celebrs asking for Rocky's freedom below!

Photo: Getty Images