Melii Opens Up About Accidentally Shooting Her Best Friend

Meek Mill: The Motivation Tour - Miami, Florida

Meek Mill: The Motivation Tour - Miami, Florida

Melii stopped by The Angie Martinez show today and opened up about the traumatic experience years ago that changed her life forever where she accidentally shot her best friend.

While there have been many rumors swirling around about the singer and what actually happened she revealed how the tragic accident really took place, “It was a tragic accident, it feels like it was yesterday, it’s been a year or two, it happens while being young reckless and just not careful, I was just drinking, smoking, they were playing with it ( the gun) the clip was out and there was one in the chamber and then it happened".

The "HLM" singer then goes on speaking about how after her friend was shot the cops came, cuffed her, as they took him away in a stretcher, “I called the cops, I was very scared, like when it happened, I was more worried about him, I didn’t care about me, and he has a daughter, I was screaming on the top of my lungs, we woke up the whole neighborhood, I was on the floor in hand cuffs”. Like many others who unfortunately are victims of traumatic events such as this one Melii was officially diagnosed with ptsd, anxiety & depression. She opened up to Angie about how it was hard for her to go to therapy even to this day because she feels like all of this was her fault and that if she could switch places with her friend she would.

The singer is currently on tour with Meek Mill, the two first met some time ago, explaining that Meek has been like a mentor figure for her as they both suffer from PTSD and found an outlet in each other to open up about the subject.

Check out Melii's full Interview with Angie Martinez below...

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