R. Kelly Accused of Running an Abusive Sex Cult

One parent of a 19 year old girl have accusations that R. Kelly is an abusive sex-obsessed cult, and he has their daughter. The mother claims her daughter met him backstage at an Atlanta concert and promised her that he would ignite her music career. The mother says she has lost complete control of her daughter and she is brainwashed. Her parents claim that she is being held against her will, and lives with R. Kelly with at least 6 other women. He controls when they eat, bathe, and they engage in sex encounters that are recorded. They reportedly live with a den mother who is 31 that trains the women on how to pleasure him. There are also reports of a 25 and 26 year old that have been living there since they were 18 and 19. They are referred to as his "babies" and they are forced to call him "daddy". They live in a guest house and must ask permission before they can even leave their assigned rooms. We all knew R. Kelly been sick but this is WOW SMH.