Being In Love and Unlovable

7 billion people in the world and yet it is no secret that true love is a rareity. Falling in love and rocking with the same person for life seemed easy enough as a kid based on what all those Disney movies were selling, but come to find out love can be more of a nightmare than a fairy tale. Once you find it though, it's fulfilling and well worth it...just keep in mind that there is work involved and most of that work will be on yourself. I got a few solid tips on how to make it work for you but keep in mind love, relationships, and family isn't for everybody. 

1. Don't be the jealous type. Human beings will interact with one another and find one another attractive or the opposite. As long as your partner isn't overly entertaining and flirting, accept the fact that other people will like them probably for the same reasons you do.

2. Keeping score is lame. We all make mistakes and as long as we show remorse and correct them it is only right to forgive your partner and move on with them, or not forgive and move on without them. To stay with them and bring up the past whenever you're upset is unfair and so is secretly seeking revenge like cheating to balance the score.

3. Paying for problems will cost more in the long run. After a big fight or some traumatic relationship event, we think a "bae-cation" or a trip to the mall will make us happy...and it will for a little while. Money will only pay the won't fix the root issue. Netflix, chill, and keep it all the way real. Say what's wrong and what we can do to fix it...if anything.

4. Own your feelings. If you had a bad day at work or you just don't feel like yourself, own it. We're only human and we all go through it. Don't take it out on your man or woman..especially if it's not their fault you feel a certain way or because they can't make you feel better. Take some time to find some peace of mind.

Those few tips are really basic but you know in life some things are always easier said than done. Even with all the knowledge in the world, relationships are trial and error. Don't put all your eggs in one basket but don't half-ass it either. If you haven't gotten all the promiscuity out of your system don't even bother. We've all been there. Stay blessed 


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