Did You know Mahershala Ali Used To Be A Rapper?

Mahershala Ali isn’t just an Oscar Award-winning actor. It turns out, he’s actually a pretty decent rapper.

More than dabbling in rap, Ali went so far as to release an underground mixtape in 2006 called Corner Ensemble. 

According to his Itunes biography, Ali was originally born in Oakland, California, but found himself drawn to the east coast sound. “[He] was inspired to be an MC in the mid-’80s by the king B-boys of hip-hop, Run-D.M.C.,” so he pursued his musical interests after finishing graduate school at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Ali founded Eye5 Recordings, which is around the time he also released his mixtape.

Last night (February 26th), Ali took home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Moonlight. Listen to one of the tracks off Corner Ensemble titled “The Path” below.

Photo by Getty Images



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