Biggest Mix-Up In Oscars History - We Know Who Did It

Remember that one time when 'La La Land' was announced as the winner of the Oscar for Best Picture at the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony, but it was actually 'Moonlight'...?

Yeah, that was last night...

WELP, according to TMZ, the culprit has been tracked down!

The guy is a 30-year veteran accountant at the firm of Pricewaterhouse, and he was apparently the one who mixed up the envelopes, handing Warren Beatty the used envelope for Best Actress instead of Best Picture. Faye Dunaway read the film that Emma Stone won her award for...

Brian Cullinan is his name.

"As for why ... we know this. Brian was tweeting like crazy during the ceremony, posting photos ... so he may have been distracted," TMZ reports.

Oops! Wrong time to be tweeting, Brian!

Read more of the story via TMZ!

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