Bibi Bourelly Premieres Her "Ballin" Music Video



Bibi Bourelly on five ways to ball on a budget

On food:

"Definitely [go for] ramen noodles and Takis. Or get Caesar’s $5 pizza. Also, if you go to the fucking dollar store, you can ball out. Everything is literally a dollar. You can go HAM." 

On fashion:

"Just go to the thrift store and get hella oversized, cool t-shirts and cut them. As long as you have scissors and a thrift store, you’re going to figure it out. But, I hate those thrift stores that call themselves thrift stores, but then [they] sell their things for normal people price."

On beauty:

"I’m a black girl, so beauty on a budget doesn’t really work. When my hair was fucked up, I used to just wear a bandana. Go get a bandana."On dating"Go to 7-11, get Slim-Jims (literally my life), get a forty or some THOT juice, and go to a parking lot. Listen to some cute music, and light a candle."

On treating yourself:

"If I want to treat myself, I go to the Goodwill. Goodwill is the answer to everything."


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